Positioning and Focusing

Approximately adjust the three micropositioners to their midway position. Adjust the post stop


Always make sure the post clamp is clamped, before loosening the post stop.

The function of the post stop is to set an initial coarse focusing position, and to prevent the CAM1 falling when the post clamp is released. Set the post stop so that the bottom of the illumination LEDs are just about 5 mm above the surface of the subject. The post clamp allows the CAM1 to be rotated about the post without changing the focusing position. Always make sure the post stop is clamped before loosening the post clamp.

Fine focusing is achieved using the 'Z' micropositioner. The focal point is about 5 mm below the bottom of the standard lens. X and Y movement is achieved using the 'X' and 'Y' micropositioners. The standard micropositioners provide about 10 mm of travel in each axis.