Step 2. Dimension Lines

Click on the measurement button, and then click on the counting button. Then click on capillaries using the left mouse button. Each point has a number next to it. From the Windows menu, select Dimension List. This will open the dimension list window. Add some more points to the video window. Note how each new point is added to the dimension list.

Click on the dimension line button. Click the left mouse button on the image. Move to a new point and click to add a new node. Note how the cursor position is displayed in the second indicator pane in the staus bar. The third indicator pane shows the x and y distance from the last node. To end the line double click the left mouse button or press escape. The start position and the total length is added to the dimension list.

Select Grey Level from the Window menu. This will open a Grey Level chart window. Go back to the Live Video window and add a dimension new line. Notice how the grey level profile along the line is displayed in the Grey Level window. Note too that it is updated twice per second. Press the button to freeze the image. Click on the first point on any dimension line. This now becomes the active line (all nodes on the line will be shown as crosses), and the grey level profile will be shown in the Grey Level chart. Click on a dimension line and drag it by holding down the left mouse button, the Grey Level profile will be continously updated as the line is moved.