Making Velocity Measurements

See capistep.xml of the Step by Step Chapter, for a quick tutorial on making velocity measurements.

Measurement Line

The velcoity calculation requires a measurement line. Most of the time, CapiScope can determine which line to use, but in the case of several dimension lines, or several video sequences open at the same time, you will need to specify which line to use.

Right click on the first node of the line. This should open a small menu. Click on "measurement line" to make this line the current measurement line.


All data in the linescan window will be lost without warning when switching to another line.

There are a few points to consider when creating measurement lines.


It is important to have no movement in the video sequence. If the subject moves, it is possible to reposition the line by dragging the first node of the measurement line using the mouse and left mouse button. This can be done whilst the sequence is running, or by stopping the video sequence, repositioning the measurement line, then resuming the sequence by clicking on the play button.