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CapiScope Downloads

These are now self extracting instalation programs.

The HVCS version requires the drivers to be installed too.

You will need a passcodes to run in demo mode, please contact passwordKKTechnology.com. or phone +44 140446242 or your local distributor.

For versions of CapiScope for CAM1, VCS, OPS Cytoscan or other hardware (meteorII, PX610, pixelink, etc.), please contact supportKKTechnology.com. or phone +44 140446242 or your local distributor.

VersionDescriptionFrame grabberCAM1 interface HVCSHVCSSoundcard
4.91HVCS drivers for 32bit windows--
4.91HVCS drivers for 64bit windows-- demo/licencednonenone for CAM1IDS uEyeUSB version of CapiScopenonenone

click here to see if you have 64 bit or 32 bit windows.

CapiScope Release Notes
CAM1 and CapiScope User Manual in pdf format (approx. 2800kbyte)
Demonstration of using the CAM1/VCS demovideo.zip, 49711472 bytes
Click here for Example CapiScope data files
unlock.zip Utility to upgrade KK Technology security keys (20kbytes).
opensource archive utility: 7-zip
Microsoft mfc40.dll, msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll. files
Open source x264vfw H.264 CODEC for Windows. Required for Capiscope compressed avi output

last updated 03/09/20