Chapter 16. Software Reference

Table of Contents
Data Rate
Clear All Traces
Input channel
Input Settings Dialog
Laser On/Off
Start Recording
Stop Recording
Doppler Bandwidth
Calculating Velocity
Calculating CBV from peak in spectrum
Calculate CBV from maximum frequency shift
Calculate CBV from envelope of power content
Find Average
Threshold Dialog Control
Advanced analysis
Menu Commands
Status Box


The CAM1 software has a 'MONITOR' window which displays the contents of the input buffers. There are two input buffers, the Doppler spectrum and a capillary blood cell velocity (CBV) trace. Either buffer can be enabled,disabled or hidden. The length of each buffer can be individually preset by the user. The buffers can be circular (i.e. they automatically overwrite themselves when the end is reached), or they can be set to stop recording as soon as one buffer becomes full. By default the buffers are circular.

The whole contents of both buffers can be saved to disc, or part of one buffer can be copied to another file or a new file via the clipboard. Data is NOT saved unless explicitly saved by the user.

The CBV trace has minimal memory requirements, and can be set to a much longer duration than the Doppler trace which requires large amounts of memory (about 600 kbytes/minute! ). The advantage of saving the Doppler spectrum is that the quality of the CBV can be seen.