2D View menu, 2D View Menu
always on top, Always on Top
Advanced analysis, Advanced analysis
Average, Calculating Averages
avi, Export as avi
CODEC, Export as avi
CODEC comparison, AVI Output compression
compression, AVI Output compression
Bandwidth, Doppler Bandwidth
increase, Increase Doppler Bandwidth
reduce, Lower Doppler Bandwidth
Brightness, Increase Brightness
Buffers, Introduction
Calculation parameters, Calculation parameters
Calibration Validity, Magnification Calibration
capillary anemometer, Selecting functions
introduction, Introduction
positioning, Selecting a Capillary
selecting, Selecting a Capillary
capillaroscopy analysis, Selecting functions
file types, Introduction
introduction, Introduction
startup intructions, Start Up
status box, Status Box
step by step guide, Step by Step Guide
toolbar, Toolbar
calculating, Calculating CBV from peak in spectrum
calculation, Calculate cbv
CAM1 trace, Introduction
Certification, Certification
Axes, Axes
introduction, Introduction to charts
scales, Using the mouse
Checks, Initial Checks
Cleaning, Maintenance and Cleaning
Components, CapiScope CAM1 Components
Connection, CAM1
ADC-ADC, PU Connections
CAM1-PU, PU Connections
level, Level contour
power, Power contour
export, Export data
export (binary), Export data
export (text), Export data
import, Import data
selecting, Selecting Data
Data Rate, Data Rate
Demo, Demo passcode
artifact filter, Artifact Filter Dialog
smoothing, Smoothing Dialog
Threshold, Threshold Dialog Control
Display rate, Display Rate
DLL missing, Troubleshooting
bandwidth, Doppler Bandwidth
positioning, Selecting a Capillary
recording, Input channel
shift envelope, Calculate CBV from maximum frequency shift
spectrum, Input buffer memory
spectrum brightness, Increase Brightness
theory, Theory
copy, Edit Copy command
cut, Edit Cut command
delete, Edit Delete Command
paste, Edit Paste command
Edit menu, Edit menu
clear dimensions, Clear All Dimensions
copy, Copy commad (Edit menu)
cut, Cut command (Edit menu)
notes, Notes
paste, Paste command (Edit menu)
smooth selection, Smooth Selection Menu
Environment, Environment
avi, Export as avi
data, Export data
dimension list, Export (Dimension List)
image, Export (Image)
FFT points settings, FFT points
File menu, File Menu commands
close, Close command (File Menu)
exit, Exit command (File menu)
export avi, Export as avi
export dimension list, Export (Dimension List), Export (Image)
import avi, Import avi
import image, Import Image
new, New command (File menu)
open, Open command (File menu)
print preview, Print Preview command (File menu)
save, Save command (File Menu)
save as, Save As command (File menu)
FIR filter Dialog, FIR filter
Focusing, Positioning and Focusing
Hardware Timer, Data Rate
Help menu, Help Menu
Holding finger, Holding the Finger
with adhesive pads, Using adhesive pads
with glue, Using Nail Glue
avi, Import avi
data, Import data
Ini files, Troubleshooting
channel, Input channel
settings, Input Settings Dialog
Input Buffer, Enable Input Buffer
circular, Circular input buffer
duration, Input Buffer Duration
memory, Input buffer memory
shortcuts, Keyboard
using in charts, Using the Keyboard
noise, Initial Checks
on/off, Laser On/Off
safety, Laser Safety
specification, Theory
LCD monitor, Troubleshooting
Light Source, Light Source
position, Location
Magnification Calibration, Magnification Calibration
Maintenance, Maintenance and Cleaning
Markers, Markers
edit dialog, Edit Marker Dialog
edit new, Edit New Marks
enable and disable, Marker Mode
event, Event Markers
image, Event Markers
image create, Image Markers
Measurements, Taking Measurements
advanced, Advanced Menu
edit, Edit
tools, Tools Menu
Movement, Movement
movement correction
automatic, Automatic Movement Correction
dragging, Dragging
Introduction, Introduction
manual, Manual Movement Correction
resetting offsets, Reset movement correction offsets
tracking, Tracking
Password, Demo passcode
Positioning, Positioning and Focusing
Power Spectrum, Calculate Power Spectrum
Pulsatility Index, Pulsatility Index
start, Start Recording
stop, Stop Recording
References, References
Remove pulse, Remove Pulse
Resistance Index, Resistance Index
Safety, Electrical Safety
Sample rate
Input Settings, Sample rate
Trace Properies dialog, Sample Rate
Servicing, Servicing
Settings menu, Settings menu
calibrate, Calibrate Magnification
grid, Grid Settings
magnification, Magnification
timer, Timer
units, Units
Signal Strength, Signal strength
Status Box, Status Box
Storage, Maintenance and Cleaning
Superpro key, Troubleshooting
Surface preparation, Surface Preparation
Toolbar, ToolBar
Tools menu
counting, Counting
dimension lines, Dimension Lines
freehand dimension lines, Freehand dimension lines
freeze video input, Freeze Video Input
grab live video, Grab Live Video
origin, Origin
pan image, Pan Image
region of interest, Region of Interest (ROI)
timer, Start Timer
adding, Adding a Trace to a File
clear all, Clear All Traces
copying, Introduction to charts
dialog, Smooth trace
hide, Hide Trace
length, Trace length
name, Trace Name
properties, Trace properties
properties dialog, Trace Properties
selecting data, Selecting Trace Data
selection dialog, Trace Selection Dialog
smoothing, Smooth trace
start position, Trace Start Position
view, View
window, Traces
troubleshooting, Troubleshooting
keyboard, Using the Keyboard
mouse, Using the mouse
VCR, Input channel
calculating, Calculating Velocity
making measurements, Making Velocity Measurements
measurement theory, Theory
View menu, View Menu
display toolbar, View Toolbar command
input control, Video Input Control
show crosshair, Show Crosshair
show grid, Grid
Window menu, Window Menu
arrange, Window Arrange Icons Command
cascade, Cascade command (Window menu)
dimension list, Dimension List
new, New command (Window menu)
tile, Tile command (Window menu)
WPX5_95.DLL, Troubleshooting